I need to start to get my business ready for the next step in its evolutionary process
I need help to:
  • “We’ve been around for years so everyone just knows what to do and how to do it.  We don’t have written documentation to explain our business to the next generation or to a potential buyer.  I need to get all of this knowledge out of our heads’ and document it so that it is a tangible business asset.”​

  • ​​​“We have a lot of computer equipment and software spread around the business, but we don’t keep a master list of licenses or other administrative IT items.  I need to get all of this documented so that it is a tangible business asset.”​​

  • “We’ve been filing forms by hand (or by paper) for years.  I need help with electronic form creation and filing, so that it is an efficient upload process.”​​​​

If any of these sound like you,  start here: