I know my product / service, but I'm bogged down with all the administrative tasks.  I'm not ready to hire full-time staff,  but I'm too busy to do everything by myself.  
I need help to:
  • “I need a written Business Plan to present to my bank.”

  • "I need help to set up and organize my office."

  • “We don’t have any documentation, forms or written processes to cover the administrative tasks that my new business needs in order to function smoothly and consistently." 

  • "Every time I reach for something, I have to create it from scratch.  I need to create and document the day-to-day administrative processes and make them accessible to everyone.”

  • “I need to find vendors who can provide me with business services and employee benefits. And then I need to review their contracts and negotiate to get the best deals for my company.”

  • "I need help formatting (branding) our documents so our proposals and work product  look consistent and professional each time."

If any of these sound like you,  start here: